How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

If your pregnancy test recently came back positive, you probably have several fears rushing through your mind. It may be difficult to think about the future because you are worried about your parents' reaction to your positive pregnancy test.  These...Continued

What are the Mental Health Effects of Abortion?

Best friends talk about everything, right? So, why is it that women don’t usually talk about their abortions? Is it too private, painful, or do they think no one is interested? Some women say they are afraid they’ll be harassed...Continued

What Is A Sonogram?

What do the words program, diagram, and sonogram have in common besides the word "gram?" They are all images. A sonogram is an image created by ultrasound.  Ultrasound Faced with an unexpected pregnancy, you want answers, and you want them...Continued

What Is Closed Adoption?

Adoption is a difficult journey, one of sacrifice and humility, but a road of hope and love. If you are considering adoption, you don’t have to do it alone. There are many adoption options available and experts ready to help....Continued

What Is Open Adoption?

Your journey through an unexpected pregnancy is a truly personal one. Only you understand your situation and what’s best for your future. There is good news. You have options and one of them is adoption. This article will help you...Continued

What Are the Two Most Common Types of Abortion?

The term “abortion” is used as a broad descriptor for the choice to end a pregnancy. However, abortions come in many shapes and sizes and women considering this pregnancy option should take time to understand each type of abortion, how...Continued

Here are 7 reasons to take advantage of free STD testing!

When you hear the words “sexually transmitted disease,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you start thinking of sex education class in middle school, terrifying google searches, or horror stories you’ve heard from friends. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are caused by...Continued