What Does it Take to be a Parent?

The thought of parenting, even with planned pregnancies, can be scary. Your mind might be racing with thoughts of the physical, emotional and financial implications of bringing a child into this world. But if you weren’t expecting to become pregnant, it can heighten your anxiety. However, a surprised expectant parent is just as capable as one who planned for this outcome.

An important factor in successfully parenting is providing your child with a strong support system. As the parent, that support would start with you. There are many things that are involved in creating a strong support system. We recognize that not everyone has parental support already in place. Other factors that women should consider in deciding whether or not to parent include:

  • A partner who does not want to have a baby
  • Feelings that your family will not be supportive during and after your pregnancy
  • A baby getting in the way of your education or job
  • Financial restraints
  • Feeling that you are too young to be a successful parent

Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices is here to help you work through those issues, and provide parenting support, regardless of your decision on whether to become a parent. We can provide you with help and resource referrals regarding paternity testing, legal aid, housing assistance, MassHealth application and more.

We recognize that you might have additional questions or concerns regarding parenting, which is why we encourage you to schedule an appointment in our offices to speak to a counselor. Our trained staff has counseled people in very similar positions to yours, which has given them the experience to handle a wide variety of circumstances. No matter the situation, or which way you are leaning in regards to your decision, we are here to help. Make a free and confidential appointment today.