What Should You Do if Your Girlfriend is Pregnant?

This man is wondering what should you do if your girlfriend is pregnant?

Finding out that they are carrying an unplanned pregnancy is daunting for many women, but it can be equally stressful if you are the partner. You may feel guilt, alarm, shock, anxiety, or a host of other emotions, and that is perfectly normal. While you should be supportive and concerned for your girlfriend, it’s important to own your own emotions as well in this difficult situation. You may be wondering, what should you do if your girlfriend is pregnant?

This post will help you think through the approach and strategy for the best outcome for you.

Take a Breath

You don’t have to solve this or have all the answers today. It’s essential that you don’t make a decision or pressure your partner into anything based on the heat of the moment, so it’s important for you both to take time and allow the information to sink in. 

Go for a drive or a walk, call a trusted friend, but give yourself some grace at this moment to let your emotions settle. 

Deliver the News to Her Parents (if Appropriate)

If your girlfriend has confirmed her pregnancy with a positive pregnancy test and she is still at home or dependent on her parents, then you should help support her as she prepares to deliver this news to two of the most important people in her life. Be there with her when she delivers the news, and don’t be surprised if emotions become high. 

If she’s an independent adult or does not have a safe/positive relationship with her parents, it’s okay to wait to deliver the news until you both have a better grip on the situation. 

Find a Support System

You both need to have people around who will support you and will not try to pressure you into making a decision. Parents, teachers, adults who are in a season of life ahead of you, are all potential candidates with whom you can process emotions and ask for advice.

Part of the anxiety of the situation can come from feeling isolated and alone, so you want to make sure that you have a solid foundation to prevent you from making a decision out of panic or desperation that you may regret later.

Develop a Plan but Don’t Rush

Now that you’ve taken time for the reality to settle in and to regroup with your support system around you, it’s important to have honest, healthy discussions with your partner and explore your options, together. 

Abortion, parenting, and adoption are the three options available to you and should be weighed for their different pros and cons. 

You can both come to a free consultation with our compassionate team that will walk you through the different options, provide resources, and give you space and time to process and navigate the pressures of this uncertain situation.

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