How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I Am Pregnant?

Woman wondering how do i tell my boyfriend I am pregnant?

You’re panicking and asking, “How will my boyfriend react to my pregnancy news?” Maybe you’re scared, confused, or anxious about what the future holds. The news of an unplanned pregnancy is difficult to take in and telling your boyfriend is no easy task. You are not alone. We are here if you would like to talk beforehand. 

Here are some ways to make the process a bit smoother and easier for you and your boyfriend.

Take A Test

There is always a chance for inaccurate results with a pregnancy test taken at home. It could have been taken incorrectly or at the wrong time. To be sure, get a lab-quality pregnancy test at our center today. Make sure to get an ultrasound to confirm if you have a viable pregnancy (has a heartbeat), the location of your pregnancy, and how far along you are. We offer free ultrasound referrals.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Giving yourself time to process the news yourself is totally ok to do. After confirming your pregnancy result is positive, the reality of it all starts to kick in. Take time to process your emotions before making any decisions.

No matter how your boyfriend reacts, know you have support from our team at BCPC. If you need to work through your thoughts and ask questions, talk to us today. You could also talk to a friend or family member you feel comfortable sharing with. 

Be Ready for a Different Reaction

While you may already think you know how your boyfriend will react, men react in a variety of ways. Some are in shock and sit in silence, some ask questions right away, some are excited, and some feel upset and confused. Prepare yourself beforehand for a response that could look different from your own. 

If you’re concerned about your boyfriend’s reaction, you might consider telling him over the phone. If you want to tell him in person, and he reacts in a way that makes you feel unsafe, remove yourself from the situation, and call someone you trust or 911 as soon as possible. You deserve to be treated with respect in all situations and feel safe. 

Our counselors at the Center are trained and prepared to help you navigate these difficult conversations with your boyfriend. We can give you the support and resources you need. You can do this.

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