Here are 7 reasons to take advantage of free STD testing!

Woman is considering free STD testing.

When you hear the words “sexually transmitted disease,” what comes to mind?

Perhaps you start thinking of sex education class in middle school, terrifying google searches, or horror stories you’ve heard from friends.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are caused by microbes transferred through sexual contact through the mouth, anus, or genitals. There are a lot of misconceptions about STDs, and if you consider them a distant threat, you might want to think twice. STDs are incredibly common, infecting one in two sexually active individuals by the age of 25.

Thankfully, finding out if you have an STD is pretty simple! Let Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices help you navigate the uncomfortable reality of STDs.

1. People with STDs can be asymptomatic

Despite common misconceptions, people can have STDs with absolutely no symptoms. This means that unless you’re tested, you may never know whether or not you have an STD.  

2. Getting tested is key to protecting your future partner

Because you can have an STD and not know it, it’s possible to unknowingly spread them to others. If you plan on being sexually active in the future, protect your future partner by getting tested. 

3. Early detection gives you time to seek treatment

Finding out you have an STD can be shocking news. However, it’s important to know that there is treatment and healing out there and the earlier you detect your STD, the better! That’s why routine tests are suggested for sexually active individuals. 

4. It’s quick, easy, and vital to your whole health and wellbeing

Every sexually active individual should be tested for STDs. If left undetected and untreated, STDs can cause long-term and serious health conditions. In order to know if you have an STD, you’ll need to be tested by a medical professional. These tests are performed in just a few minutes and they’re also noninvasive, usually only requiring that you urinate in a cup or get your mouth swabbed.

5. STDs can impact pregnancy

Did you know that some STDs can be passed from the mother to the baby during and after pregnancy? STDs like Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, HPV/genital warts, Syphilis, and Trichomonas Vaginalis can all be passed down from the mother to the child. 

Having an STD while you’re pregnant could cause serious complications during your pregnancy and could impact your child’s long-term health.

Passing STDs to a baby can result in complications such as…

– Premature birth
– Blindness

– Deafness

– Eye infections

– Pneumonia
– Meningitis

– Liver disease

– Blood infection

– Brain damage

– Lack of coordination 

– Acute hepatitis


If there’s a chance you might be pregnant, schedule an appointment at Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices for free pregnancy tests and STD testing referrals. We’re here to help you navigate your results and explore your options! 

6. Having an STD will determine your abortion options

If you’re pregnant and considering an abortion, it’s essential to know if you have an STD. Women who choose abortion while carrying an untreated STD are putting themselves at risk for severe infections. 

Getting a surgical abortion could cause untreated diseases to spread throughout your body, which can result in sepsis and septic shock. Women with STDs are also at higher risk for ectopic pregnancies, which can lead to serious complications.

7. There’s no cost involved – free STD testing

STD tests are easy and essential, and the best part is, you can get tested for free at certain Centers! Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices can provide referrals for no-cost tests and will be by your side throughout the process.

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